Dermagel Horse Wound Care & Infection Control Gel - 100ml Gel or 50ml Spray

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Dermagel Horse Wound Care & Infection Control Gel - 100ml Gel or 50ml Spray


Derma GeL® is an isotonic hydrogel made of high molecular weight polymers that promotes wound healing in all animal species: horses, dogs, cats, livestock, birds, reptiles and exotics.

Derma GeL® ensures: bacteriostatic properties, moist environment, soothing effect, healing process enhancers, insect repellent feature and a protective layer (no secondary dressing or bandage required). The unrivaled efficacy of this combination reduces drastically the healing time by 60%; leading to fewer product applications.?

Gel form (100ml) 

Easy dispensing tube and flip-top cap for product protection.?

Ideal for all types of skin lesions: cuts, scratches, deep open wounds... uncovered or bandaged.?

- Unsurpassed wound care around-the-clock

- Long term moist environment

- Bacterial Control

- anti-inflammatory??

- Protective film effect

- Hair regrowth in the original color

- safe to use: competition, gestation, when licked...?

- ?Insect repellent properties?

- Reducing by 60% healing time

Derma GeL® 50mL Non-Aerosol Spray - 50ml?

Ideal for fractious animals or wounds that are in a location of high mobility. Suited for animal owners that are anxious about applying the gel to a wound (hands-free application).


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