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Holy Horse

Holy Horse specialise in designing, high quality, stylish products for you and your trusty steed. They pride themselves on the finest level of finish and detail. Holy Horse was inspired by a very special horse called Percy. It was founded in 2017 by former fashion designer Vikki Poole, whose passion for design set out on a mission to create a unique range of accessories for horses. Each of their products are made with high-end materials from around the world. Designing and creating all of their products in house with an eye for detail and great workmanship. Their design ethos is that they believe you and your horse should enjoy wearing trend-driven accessories, to help you stand out from the ‘usual’ horsey crowd.

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  1. Holy Horse Headcollar
    Holy Horse Headcollar
    As low as £16.99
  2. Holy Horse Stable / Show Rug - Camo / Black
  3. Holy Horse Headcollar with Tan Sheepskin
  4. Holy Horse Keyring
    Holy Horse Keyring
    Special Price £2.00 Regular Price £3.99
  5. Holy Horse Lead Rope - 2 Leadropes Promotion
  6. Holy Horse Headcollar with Green Faux Fur
  7. Holy Horse Headcollar with Blue Faux Fur
  8. Holy Horse Headcollar with Natural Faux Fur
  9. Holy Horse Headcollar with Grey Faux Fur
  10. Holy Horse Lead Rope
    Holy Horse Lead Rope
    Special Price £9.99 Regular Price £11.95
  11. Holy Horse Headcollar with Black Sheepskin
  12. Holy Horse Headcollar with Natural Sheepskin
Grid List

Items 1-12 of 14

Set Descending Direction