Connect Bridle - Standard Cavesson - Black or Havana

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Connect Bridle - Standard Cavesson - Black or Havana


The Connect Bridle has been developed in response to interest in an ergonomically designed bridle that enhances the performance and comfort of the horse. Once the domain of the very high-end competition horses with more understanding of the horse’s welfare there is now interest across the full range of horse owners. The principles of the design are: • To provide a safe way to support the bit in the horse’s mouth with minimal interference (except bit-less) • Work with the facial anatomy to create a bridle that decreases pressure on sensitive structures and is stable to avoid nerve irritation • To make it difficult to overtighten the noseband either deliberately or accidentally • Look as conventional as possible without compromising the comfort for the horse • To allow riders to add their own brow band (however a curved brow band is recommended) Features The bridle is hand made in top quality Sedgewick leather in England and can be offered with patent nose and/or browband. Swarovski embellished brow band is also available at extra cost. All points in contact with the horses have been padded with neoprene and all fittings allow bilateral adjustment. Features Head piece Shaped to allow space around the base of the ears. Padding which offers a gap for the poll and then runs down to a flap to cover the brow band attachment. The gap between the two straps accommodates the browband and allows this to sit flat – brow band is fitted on front strap only so an excessively long brow band is not required to allow the headpiece to sit comfortably without being pulled forward Cheek pieces Sit clear of face and well back from the eye due to ergonomics of the headpiece. A keeper fits between the cheek piece and noseband strap for those horses where the bit tends to move excessively. As the check pieces are independent there is no pressure on the nose caused by using the bit. Brow band A hinged brow band is standard to match the shape of the horses’ skull but there is the option for customers to fit their own although curved is recommended to give maximum clearance to the ears Body of the bridle -including hinged noseband Unique design with the three-ring articulation allow the bridle to find the most suitable place to sit for each individual horse. The cheek ring attachment sits low on the face to avoid the trigeminal nerve. Hinged nose band matched the shape of the skull of the horse and allows this to sit in contact without being tight. Shaped to allow clearance for bit rings. No throat latch is required as the cheek strap in contact with the cheek bones gives the bridle stability Flash Attachment set on a D ring either side of the central part of the nose band so as not to impede nostrils, on rings to allow this to find its most comfortable route with chin groove pad adjustable on both sides Grackle Unique oval shape design with four independent contact points to allow the straps to find the best place to sit on the horses head Weymouth With only three straps from the mono headpiece this has a clean appearance and no throat latch allows more freedom for the horse to flex at the poll Bit-less With increased interest in riding without a bit the Connect Bridle will be produced with the option of a bit-less ‘body’ The large rings will take the reins and connect through an internally nylon reinforced extra padded noseband. This design allows for the rein pressure to be transferred to the opposite side of the nasal bone so the horse moves away from the pressure in the direction of the rein aid Connect Bridle • Style with design • Connect with your horse in comfort • FEI competition legal (except bit-less) • Unique three ring system to fit each individual horse • Finest English Sedgewick leather • Made in UK • Designed to avoid the sensitive trigeminal nerve • Sits on the shape of the horses head so there is less movement to stimulate sensitive superficial nerves - this type of irritation is thought to be a cause of some head shaking • Shaped mono headpiece • Padded where it touches the head and shaped to reduce pressure on sensitive areas • ‘Hinged’ browband and nose band to follow the contours of the skull • Fitted to allow the horse to move the jaw allowing stress relief and movement at the poll • Bit separate to noseband attachment so action of bit doesn’t cause nose pressure • All attachments adjustable bilaterally • Stable due to the cheek strap being in contact with the cheek bones • Keeper to prevent excessive bit movement • No crank noseband – difficult to overtighten • Available in Cavesson, Flash, Grackle, Weymouth and Bit-less in pony, cob, full, x-full • Swarovski, patent and patent-lined brow band available • Patent and patent-lined noseband available Please allow up to two weeks for delivery or for in store collection.

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