Equine America Ulser Gard - 3.8Ltr

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Equine America Ulser Gard - 3.8Ltr


The lifestyle of a domestic horse, whether used for leisure or competition, creates the conditions which very frequently lead to poor gastric health, including damage to the stomach lining. To support the gastric health of all types of horses and ponies, Uls-Gard has been developed as an inexpensive supplement which can be fed continually to achieve healthy performance in the stomach by coating & soothing the stomach lining. ANDREW GOULD INTERNATIONAL DRESSAGE TRAINER/ RIDER “After using Uls-Gard solution from Equine America, within 2 weeks I saw a noticeable difference in my mare. She is not grumpy to girth anymore and is much happier in her work. She is also putting on weight and condition and I cannot recommend this product enough. Yet another fantastic product from Equine America that really does work!”

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