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Honest Horse Super Cleanse Shampoo Bar & Sisal Bag

Honest Horse Super Cleanse Shampoo Bar & Sisal Bag

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Ah the simple soap bar – reminiscent of washing your hands at Granny’s house as a child. Funny how things come full circle isn’t it? When Honest Riders were creating their first product for the ‘Honest Horse’ range, it soon became clear that a product with very minimal, biodegradable packaging, handmade from 100% natural ingredients was going to be the most sustainable choice. s the name suggests, the White + Bright Bar is formulated for greys and coloured horses. Made with a blend of coconut oil, alkanet root, lavender, rosemary and lemongrass this soap is perfect for lifting stains and getting whites clean again. Our soap bars contain nothing but natural ingredients which not only do the job of cleaning horses until they shine, but also cause no harm to the environment in the process. Each block is 230g - perfectly hand-sized to make it easy to use. The bar can either be rubbed directly onto the horse’s coat, or used inside a sisal bag, which offers additional scrubbing power. The bars feature a natural twine rope so you can easily hang the soap up to dry after each use. HOW TO USE Wet your horses coat thoroughly. Wet the bar (and sisal bag) thoroughly. Holding the bar, massage into your horses coat, mane and tail. Rinse thoroughly Sit back and admire your squeaky clean, sheeny shiny steed.

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