LeMieux Stealth Air Mark III XC Cross Country Event Boots

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LeMieux Stealth Air Mark III XC Cross Country Event Boots


StealthAir Mark III Ruthlessly efficient XC boots . Unique MicroFlex cage mesh offers lightweight protection with 360° air ventilation. Offering shock absorption, tendon support & Polycarbonate strike guards. Stealth have established a new standard in cross-country protection with a discrete look. These technical XC boots have been designed for strength and optimum protection but made with the comfort of active legs in mind. The outer material of this sleek design is perforated permitting 360 degrees exchange of air over its entire surface area whilst galloping, reducing tendon temperature. Lightweight: Optimum weight to strength ratio Moulds: Moulds to leg & tendon profile and supports the back of the fetlock joint without restricting flexion & movement. No Water Retention: Fabrics resist the up take of water Freedom: behind the knee to prevent pinching under full flexion Strike Protection: provided by polycarbonate tendon guards with lifetime guarantee Shock Absorbing: integral strength of boot fabric offers support & absorption of concussion Natural Fit: and feel without the rigidity associated with many other XC boots. Neoprene Free: inner lining is breathable, easy on the skin and avoids heat & sweat build up and irritation Non Vented: avoids use of open air vents which can allow dust and mud to get between the leg and boot lining causing rubbing. 
                      Light Bone                   Heavy Bone 
                       Front / Hind                   Front / Hind 
 14.2hh         small / small             medium / medium 
 15.2hh    medium / medium         medium / large 
 16hh       medium / medium         medium / large 
 16.2hh      large / large                    large /  xlarge
 17hh +      large / xlarge                xlarge / xlarge 
 Light Bone eg: Arab, Thoroughbred, Light Show Hack Heavy Bone eg: Cob, Hunter, Warmblood

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